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Presentation Notes 2018

  • What would you like technology to give you in the coming year? What would you like a laptop or phone to be able to do which it cannot do now? What new features or changes to Windows would you like to see? How about a new TV – what would you like a TV to

  • We have heard this cry often at the Club ! Windows, Android and Apple devices tend to get cluttered up with “stuff” and superfluous apps as we use them. Some are easy to get rid of, others, like browser toolbars which magically appear, may be more tricky; others you cannot get rid of at all….

  • An Extension is an Add-on which extends the capability of the browser. There are literally thousands of extensions, mainly for Chrome and Firefox. We share and demonstrate some of those which have caught our eye. What is a web browser? A web browser, or simply “browser,” is an application used to access and view websites.

  • Scotty and Chris demonstrate some of their favourite Android apps and tell you how to make folders for your apps and what to do if your phone is lost or stolen ! Scotty’s picks: Transparent clock and weather Multi-function weather and clock (playstore); sits on your homepage as a widget and displays a weather

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  • How to save effort and improve accuracy when performing some Repetitive Tasks Photos Rename photos in File Explorer Duplicates Cleaner Windows App Email processing Automatic Filter emails Transfer contacts from old email account. Export to CSV file. Compare 2 lists Paste into an Excel column and use these instructions Creating and analysing a survey

  •     Types of printer: Printing technologies- Summary Ink jet – Cheap up front costs: Cheapest around €40 Squirts drops of coloured ink on the paper to make up the image . Normally four colours: Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. Best to have separate cartridges. •.Colour with up to photographic quality though inks can

  • Using the toolbox in the Cloud (updated !) Free stuff With internet access becoming more universal and faster, more and more tools and services are being hosted on the web. Many of these are free. With some there are file size limits and you can pay for extra features and functionality. Basic requirement: a browser

  • Many people have been using the same image editing software they started with years ago – is it time for a change? Check out these free options:   Best Free photo editing apps Best free Photo organizers …a mixture of modern and old ones to try.. If you are happy to pay –

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