How can I get rid of that ?

We have heard this cry often at the Club ! Windows, Android and Apple devices tend to get cluttered up with “stuff” and superfluous apps as we use them. Some are easy to get rid of, others, like browser toolbars which magically appear, may be more tricky; others you cannot get rid of at all…. We discuss the best tips and tricks. Ask us what stuff you want to get rid of, and we’ll try to find a solution.

Windows 10

Get rid of Windows Bloatware

Unwanted programs which come with Windows 10. 

All of them can be removed from the right-hand pane of the start menu. (right-click on the icon/ unpin from Start) Some can be uninstalled easily e.g. Money, News, Sports. Right/click /uninstall. The others can only be uninstalled using Windows Powershell, – a bit techy for the average user.

Unwanted stuff on the taskbar:

right-click on the icon / unpin from Task Bar

Get rid of Cortana:

Settings / Privacy / Turn Off Speech services and Typing suggestions

Get rid of programs you have installed, but no longer need

Right click on the app on the start menu / Uninstall
or Settings / Apps / select the program you want to get rid of / Uninstall.
Some programs do not uninstall properly, try an uninstall program e.g.


Get rid of temporary files and other garbage

But don’t over-do it ! You can slow your computer down if you overdo it ! e.g. Browsing cache, history and cookies.


Get rid of unwanted Toolbars in browsers

These are sometimes installed sneakily along with freebie utility programs
Example – Yahoo Toolbar
They can usually be uninstalled or disabled in the same way you would uninstall a browser extension.

or via Settings / Apps / select the toolbar you want to get rid of / Uninstall
Some may be more tricky:

Stop unexpected Windows updates

This can be a problem if you use a laptop and are travelling.
Set your laptop to stay awake for an hour or two while it’s charging (to download updates)
Pre-empt some inconvenient upgrades by looking for them (Type “updates” in the search box: choose Check for Updates) If there are any, you can either install them or click “Advanced options” and pick a time and date when you want them installed. If there aren’t, click the button that says “Check for updates” and see if it finds any.

When your system is a complete mess

Windows 10 fresh start
Microsoft added a new “Fresh Start” utility to the system last year with its Windows 10 Creators Update. The tool is designed to preserve all your personal data and settings before downloading a clean, uncluttered copy of Windows 10, installing it on your computer and restoring your files and settings.
However, the Fresh Start operation removes any apps you may have installed yourself that are not part of the standard Windows system. If you added new programs from the Windows App Store or elsewhere — including security software, games and even Microsoft’s own Office suite — they will get wiped out with Fresh Start.
Settings / update and Security / Windows Defender / Open Windows Defender Security Center / hamburger menu (top left, three horizontal lines) / Device performance and health / Fresh Start
(or use the search bar to search for Fresh Start)

Android Apps


Get rid of Bloatware


Stop popups


When your phone is a complete mess